“An adventure of storytelling” - Yuqing Zhu, NY CITY LENS

“...a bit of stop-motion magic as a rollercoaster construction suddenly comes to life” - Daniel Eagen, FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL

“In a 360 degree video viewers feel like they are at the center of a new world” - Deniz Ergurel, HAPTICAL

Cardboard City, an interactive documentary, held its World Premiere at the 54th Annual New York Film Festival (NYFF) at Lincoln Center on October 1st, 2016. Combining VR, AR and an analogue Makerspace - participants uncovered stories about gentrification in Brooklyn. Cardboard City was part of the NYFF "Convergence" program, which offers an array of immersive experiences that redefine storytelling.

Directed by Kiira Benzing and produced by Stina Hamlin and Alyssa Landry.

Link: http://www.filmlinc.org/nyff2016/daily/nyff-convergence-virtual-augmented-reality/